About Us


CHICKATAY, INC., DBA US Aviation provides world class professional flight training, aviation services, and support to global customers. Our vision is to be the undisputed leader in elite aviator development and premier aviation services.

We specialize in Professional Flight Training to develop war-fighters, international allies and domestic law-enforcement agencies in the interest of our national security.

Professionalism and superb quality in flight training is US Aviation Academy’s core mission and sets us apart from our competitors. We are passionate about developing great aviators as whole people: professional aviation skills, good moral character, and leadership responsibility from core values we instill in each of our students at US Aviation Group.


We are a Native American organization in affiliation with the Chickasaw Nation of Ada, Oklahoma–based in Denton, Texas–that is committed to improving the Native American quality of life independent of any specific tribal association.

An all-inclusive diversity initiatives program offers a distinct competitive advantage in the marketplace. Our collective experience is with Fortune 100 corporations, the US Military, allied nations,various governmental agencies, the Department of Public Services, and Oklahoma tribes.



In 2001, Chickatay Inc. was founded as a Texas based, privately held, human resources consulting firm to administer the Army Dental Services contract at Ft. Sam Houston, San Antonio, TX, on behalf of the Chickasaw Nation.



In 2007, Chickatay Inc. became partners of US Aviation of Denton, TX, where we serve as the government contracting entity with respect to the administration of our various airplane and helicopter flight training contracts: US Air Force, FBI, Texas Department of Public Safety and Wyle Inc. – Aerospace.



Chickatay-US Aviation is in its 8th year of FAA Part 141 operations and just completed our last option year of the Introductory Flight Orientation (IFO) Program for Foreign Military Pilots (Air Force Contract FA300211D0010), contracted to the Air Force Security Assistance Training Squadron (AFSAT) at Randolph AFB.



US Aviation has trained more than 1000 pilots, flight engineers, mechanics, and other crew members in a variety of aircraft for commercial, corporate, and military customers from all over the world.