Fleet/Pilot Solutions


We provide a variety of services for international students, including:

  • ESL courses that focus on pilot language and speaking ability
  • English-only campuses
  • Use of Live ATC for radio communication practice
  • Highly experienced instructors
  • Housing and transportation services

Experience dealing with international students has also allowed US Aviation to further develop expertise in the areas of student services, such as providing cultural events and activities to help overcome the initial isolation often felt by new students that results from language and culture shock. We provide the needed support for students to complete training efficiently while coping with these challenges.



US Aviation owns and rents approximately 80 apartments to support our international students. These are fully furnished with bedding, kitchen utensils, and other normal furnishings. Amenities include:

  • Laundry facilities
  • High speed internet access
  • Weekly apartment inspections
  • Kitchens with cooking capabilities
  • Close proximity to grocery stores and local entertainment

Student services also include transportation to and from the school on a regular, daily schedule. Our bus system allows international students to train without the need for a personal car or US driver’s license. Transportation may also be provided for any other necessary trip. Students are also given the opportunity to participate in scheduled off-site activities, such as sporting events, air shows, and trips to theme parks.



We provide in-house services that aid our international students in receiving M-1 visas and TSA for entrance into the United States, including:

  • Production of I-20 forms required to obtain a M-1 visa from the US embassy in the students’ country of origin
  • Applications and fingerprinting for TSA

USAA is categorized by the US Government as a vocational fight training facility. All international students are required to train on an M-1 visa. In addition, all international students, as well as non-citizen students (to include permanent residents and those seeking asylum), are required to be vetted by the TSA.





While our ESL courses are typically directed at our commercial customers, US Aviation has the capability to offer this training to FMS customers, focused on conversational skills and radio communications required for successful flight training. Our primary ESL instructor speaks 9 languages and dialects, and supervises the program for 2 separate facilities.