Domestic Military Sales


US Aviation Group is a major sub-contract vendor to Wyle under the AETC – Multi-aircraft training contract FA3002-16-D-0002. This specialized training includes the whole host of primary and advanced skills used in military flying, from basic instruments to tactical flight:

  • Tactical formation flying
  • Low-level navigation
  • Simulated air drops and refueling operations
  • STOL/Off-field insertion and extraction 


US Aviation is currently under sub-contract to the US Air Force to provide C208 training through Wyle/CAE. US Aviation has numerous qualified, military-trained C-208 pilots and mechanics. Based on the in-house capability of the current instructors and maintenance personnel who operate very similar aircraft and courses, US Aviation stands apart as an organization capable of performing under this requirement.

The Chief Flight Instructors at both of USAG’s major locations have extensive experience in the C208 across a wide variety of operations that include formation flights, airdrop, STOL training, and Tactical Insertion/Extraction. 


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